The PARC Foundation holds and manages a number of separate funds established by groups, individuals, and nonprofit organizations whose missions align with the mission of the PARC Foundation of Thurston County. The Foundation works with these groups to enhance mission-related services for Thurston County communities. Contributions may be made to individual funds listed below.

For information about our fiscal sponsors services, please contact James Reddick,

The PARC Foundation General Fund

The PARC Foundation General Fund was created to general fund that the PARC Foundation board can use in support of various projects and programs that need current support for future projects and programs that are needed in the community.

The PARC Foundation Endowment Fund

The PARC Foundation Endowment Fund  was created to establish a legacy fund (unrestricted fund) that the PARC Foundation board can use in support of various projects and programs that need current support for future projects and programs that are needed in the community.

The PARC Foundation - Jocelyn Dohm Classical Choral Music Fund

The Jocelyn Dohm Classical Choral Music Fund was bequest by Jocelyn Dohm. A life-long resident of Olympia, Ms. Dohm was active in myriad civil rights, social justice issues, and active supporter of the arts and education. In her bequest she wrote that her funds were to be used for "the support and benefit of classical choral music" in our local area. As administrator of the Fund, the PARC Foundation is committed to honoring the full breadth and depth of Ms. Dohm's choral music legacy.

9674945343_7487da71ef_kSpecialized Recreation Fund

This fund supports Specialized Recreation programs offered to the residents of Thurston County and neighboring counties in Washington State.

The Thurston County Health Department through the Social Services Recreation Services section provides recreation programs and activities for people of different abilities. The primary goal is to provide opportunities for learning and growth through the experience of recreation and leisure activities. Recreation Services take pride in working in partnership with the Cities of Olympia, Tumwater, and Lacey to provide activities and programs through Specialized Recreation.

The specialized recreation programs are designed to give persons with developmental and/or physical disabilities the opportunity to participate in events and activities within the community and surrounding area. Most are suitable for ages 14 and older and include day trips, monthly dances, bingo, Movie & Pizza Night, Dinner Club and fitness programs such as Walk About Club, etc.

The specialized recreation program needs community funding to keep this valuable service in place for individuals with development and/or physical disabilities. Since 2009, funding of many of the recreations services offered by Thurston County has been eliminated. The specialized recreation one week overnight residential summer camp was eliminated which affected 80 individual with special needs. In 2013, the summer day camp for individuals with or without special needs was eliminated. Without community funding the specialized recreation may not be able in the future to service the population of individuals in Thurston County.

QP19Tenino Quarry Swimming Pool Fund

This was created by a group of citizens living in the community of Tenino, WA with the goal and objectives of keeping the Tenino Quarry Swimming Pool open and available to the public and to preserve the this historical treasure for current and future families that visit or live in the City of Tenino, WA.

For the Tenino Quarry Pool to open for the summer, it takes approximate $10,000 community raised funds and approximately the same amount of funding from the City of Tenino to open and operate the Tenino Quarry Pool during the summer months.

WoodruffParkWoodland Trail Greenway Fund

The Woodland Trail Greenway Fund is dedicated to the creation of a linear park and trail from the hub connection between Lacey, WA and Olympia, WA. The Bridging the gap hub connects four trails (Woodland Creek Trail to Olympia, WA and Tumwater, WA, Woodard Bay Trail to the shores of Puget Sound, Chehalis-Western Trail to the cities of Tenino, Rainer, and Yelm, and the Woodland Trail to the Woodland Creek Community Center, Lacey, WA. This fund is used to raise financial support for matching grants, purchasing trees, signage, and care of the trail the trail by volunteer work parties and employees of the cities and Thurston County, WA.

This is a partnership between the Woodland Greenway Association and the PARC Foundation of Thurston County to promote development and maintenance of trails for walking, running, and bicycle riding throughout Thurston County, Washington